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Naturopathic Medicine Clinic in Vancouver

Welcome to Vitalia, your home for a healthy life.

To heal illness or to expand your wellness, we have your answers.

We take the time to understand your life - not just a few symptoms. And we have what you need for wellness: in-depth medical knowledge, effective treatments, a comfortable clinic in Vancouver, specialized services and personal caring.

You deserve the best. Find out more about Vitalia Health Care and how you can benefit from:

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Message from our Medical Director

Dr. Tasreen Alibhai ND
The best treatment for any health condition is prevention in the first place. The answer is not a magic pill… The solution is simple: Proper nutrition, Exercise, Cleaning the body of harmful chemicals… this is the answer! Take charge of your own health!
Dr. Tasreen Alibhai ND Meet Our Team

Permanent Weight Loss

Ask us about our 12 week "Kick Start Your Metabolism Program" for Permanent Weight Loss Solutions.
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February Special:

Spoil yourself and your partner (or friend) with an IV vitamin and mineral treatment! Book an IV together and receive 50% off one treatment of equal or lesser value. Get ready for the celebrations this Valentine's Day by boosting your body with our Vegas IV treatment. Book before Feb 14 and receive a special Valentines Day gift from Vitalia Health Care.

What Our Patients Say

If you're someone experiencing long-term stress, anxiety and/or sleep related problems and are getting no where with your GP - other than medical prescriptions that likely are making things worse - I highly recommend that you consult with Dr. Alibhai. A natural program of supplements, diet changes and relaxation suggestions can get you back to feeling normal/good again in a couple months ... without the pills.
Alan, Vancouver, BC Read more testimonials