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Biomedical Treatment for Autism & Speech Delay

Introduction to Natural Speech Therapy at our Vancouver Clinic

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Thank you for choosing Dr. Tasreen Alibhai, ND and Vitalia Health Care. We look forward to working with you and your child, developing an individualized treatment plan to address your child's needs and reach your treatment goals.

As a parent, researching treatments for Autism can be overwhelming and confusing. As a MAPS trained Naturopathic Doctor with over 16 years of clinical experience, I can help you understand your child's unique biochemistry, choose the correct medical tests, prescribe the correct supplements or medications, and develop a treatment protocols that fit your child's unique needs. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your child's health care team. We are here to support you and guide you through this journey.

Before we begin, let's answer some important questions so that you have a clear understanding of the foundations of your child's biomedical treatment plan.

What is Biomedical Treatment?

Biomedical Therapy looks at imbalances in an individual's unique biochemistry, obstacles to development, removing these obstacles and treating these imbalances with specific nutrients. Biomedical therapy does not focus on drug therapy. Instead the focus is on diet, nutrition and supplements to correct biochemical imbalances and repair cells.

Specific areas that will be investigated include:

Gains Reported by Parents who Utilize a Biomedical Approach for Their Child's Speech Delay.

Biomedical treatments take time to work. We are working on improving your child's biochemistry and repairing at a cellular level. This takes time.

Gains may include:

Are there any side effects of the treatments used?

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Because biomedical interventions for include diet and natural supplements, side effects are minimal to rare. Medications will only be prescribed if Dr. Alibhai really feels it would be the best treatment approach for your child's speech delay. Moreover, Dr. Alibhai will only prescribe medicines that have a low risk of serious side effects or are not absorbed into the bloodstream (these are non-absorbed medications that are simply eliminated from the body through the bowels)

As each child is unique, Dr. Alibhai cannot know exactly how your child will respond to treatment. Die-off reactions can occur. Dr. Alibhai will explain potential die off reactions and discuss ways to reduce the severity of these reactions. (See list of die off reactions and ways to reduce them). Die off reactions indicate the treatment is working. These reactions are not caused by the supplements or medications used. They are a result of your child's immune system reacting to the “bugs” that are being killed off from the therapy. Don't stop treatment due to die off. Discuss your concerns with Dr. Alibhai so that she can discuss ways to reduce them.

Some parents report better eye contact, decreased sensory issues, and increased attempts to communicate verbally and/or non-verbally. Biomedical treatment is about repair and recovery. This process takes time and to see the best results, the treatment plans should be adjusted and changed every few months as a child moves through different stages. In the beginning, it is essential to stop further damage to the body. The second step is to repair and then after 1-3 years our patients are on maintenance programs to continue to support their development.

What Can you Expect During the First Visit?

Dr Alibhai

The first initial visit is approximately 1 hour long. In order to determine the best treatment approach for your child's speech therapy, it is important to get a complete medical history. Please complete the intake form before you come to the clinic as the form is extensive and you may prefer to complete it in the comfort of your own home.It is not necessary for your child to attend the initial appointment. If you feel your child will not be able to sit for the whole appointment, you can attend without your child and we will book another brief appointment to meet your child. A lot of information will be discussed during the first appointment and some parents prefer to come alone.

During this appointment the following will be discussed:

A follow up appointment will be booked approximately 3 weeks later to allow enough time for the results to be sent back to our clinic and for Dr. Alibhai to review subsequent follow up appointments are usually booked monthly unless Dr. Alibhai would like to see your child sooner.


Benefits of a healthy eating plan:

For more information on diets avoiding unsafe food additives, go to: www.feingold.org

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