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Natasha Asselstine, B.A., R.H.N.

Natasha Asselstine

Natasha is a Holistic Nutritionist and received her training from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Prior to this, Natasha achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Simon Fraser University, and worked primarily in the areas of visual arts and strategic communications for non-profits. She brings to the wellness environment the ability to effectively communicate concepts to clients, the passion to serve others and the personal experience of overcoming her own food-related health issues.

Natasha knows firsthand the pleasures and pitfalls that come along a path towards healthy eating. Over the years, she has developed strategies that have helped her overcome those challenges and, as result, she enjoys the many more positives that a healthy diet brings. She keenly shares her knowledge with her clients to help them achieve similar results.

Her experience includes supporting clients with:

Natasha has also supported her clients with yo-yo dieting habits, healthy eating on the road and at work, eating well on a budget, enjoying social engagements while on a special diet, lowering our toxic load, setting goals and staying motivated, and enjoying favourite and delicious foods while on a health-supportive diet.

Keeping things simple is Natasha’s key to nutritional success. Being sensitive to endless to-do-lists and the feeling of overwhelm many of us live with, Natasha offers an approach to personal wellness that is easy to implement, tasty and time-efficient. She breaks down her clients’ long-term goals into small, achievable steps set to a pace that’s comfortable for them. Natasha also creates individualized plans that cater to her clients’ personal needs, tastes and lifestyle choices.

Through a consultation with Natasha, she supports her clients:

Natasha deeply cares about the wellbeing of her clients, and works hard to set them up for success. She creates an environment such that her clients feel comfortable, confident and excited to meet their nutritional goals.

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