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Vaccinations are provided to both children and adults in an effort to reduce the risk of diseases caused by infection. Children between the age of 0 and 6 will generally be immunized with nearly 50 single and combined vaccinations when the recommended immunization schedule for children is followed. At Vitalia Health Care, located in Vancouver, BC, our naturopathic clinic provides naturopathic medical treatments. We also aim to educate and inform people in the area about the risks and benefits associated with vaccines and whether or not the official vaccine schedule is right for your child.

Humans have benefited from vaccinations for more than two centuries. In 1796, Edward Jenner, a doctor living in Berkeley, England, performed the world’s first vaccination. Jenner removed pus from a cowpox lesion on a milkmaid’s hand and inoculated an 8-year-old boy named James Phipps. Approximately six weeks later, Jenner variolated two sites on the boy’s arm with smallpox. The result was that the boy was unaffected by these inoculations, as well as with further exposures to the disease.

During this time, it was common knowledge that smallpox survivors became immune to the disease. Many tried to find treatments for the disease, but none were effective until the introduction of vaccinations. During medieval times, herbal remedies, special cloths, and cold treatments were used to try to treat and prevent smallpox. Some ancient doctors even prescribed twelve bottles of small beers every 24 hours to try and fight off the infection. Fortunately, routine immunizations have completely eradicated smallpox from the world and have resulted in a near elimination of wild polio virus.

Vaccines have been tested extensively by scientists to ensure that they are safe to use and effective at treating the disease they are intended for. Currently, vaccines are the best defense we have against many infectious diseases. However, it’s important to note that no vaccine is 100 percent safe and effective. All vaccines come with their set of benefits and risks. The immune systems of some individuals react to the vaccine in a negative way, which can cause side effects such as pain or fever.

Most vaccines used today became widely available during the 1920s. This includes vaccines for diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, and tuberculosis (TB). These vaccinations quickly spread across the world, providing protection for children and adults from potentially harmful and even life-threatening diseases. However, not all vaccinations began as a simple injection in the arm of leg. Originally, vaccines were administered to patients through contact with smallpox scabs. Healers, known as Brahmins, would take a cloth and rub the patient’s upper arm. They would then scratch the skin to draw blood. The healers would then apply dried smallpox scabs to the area, taken from patients who had survived the disease. Although the patients would usually get sick, most would recover and be well protected from the disease from then after.

Vaccinations have had a long history, starting back centuries ago. At Vitalia Health Care in Vancouver, we can provide you and your family with natural treatment options, as well as information about common childhood vaccines. Contact us today to learn more.

Disclaimer: The information provided on-line and during consultation is to enable parents to make an educated, informed decision regarding vaccinations and scheduling of vaccinations.  It is not the intent of the naturopathic physicians at Vitalia Healthcare to pursue or convince parents to vaccinate or not, rather to provide consultation, education and research which helps parents to make their own decisions for their children's vaccination schedule.

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