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Dr. Tasreen Alibhai, N.D.
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Vitalia provides primary Health Care from a licensed doctor.

Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) have extensive medical training, similar to the training of MDs, but with a focus on complimentary, traditional, and natural treatments. NDs are trained as general practitioners, and they are licensed medical professionals, able to treat everything from minor ailments to acute and chronic conditions.

Naturopathic Doctors focus on advanced diagnostic techniques and treatments that consider surgery and drugs last, instead of first. MDs focus on treating symptoms, Naturopathic Doctors seek to identify ways to change your health and lifestyle to improve overall health, which creates less necessity for regular treatment.

An Naturopathic Doctor’s approach can provide the solution they are looking for. If you are presently not suffering from an illness, but are interested in improving your health and overall quality of life, an ND can assist you in optimizing your health and proactively avoid illness.

If you have Extended Health Care, plans usually cover visits to an ND, including lab fees. British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan offers partial cover for ND visits under premium assistance.

Principles of Naturopathic Medicine:

Health Care Coverage

Many Extended Health Care plans cover naturopathic consultations and laboratory tests. Please contact your provider for more information in regards to your coverage. Remember many plans offer coverage that reset at the end of the year. To ensure you maximize usage of your benefits, make your appointment before the end of the year!

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