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Personal wellness begins with how we nourish ourselves. The nutrients in our food are the building blocks that allow our bodies to perform each and every daily task. What we choose to eat – and not eat – is then essential for our wellness, productivity and vitality.

In our increasingly toxic world, our food choices have never been more important, but it is often an overlooked aspect of one’s health plan. At Vitalia, we take a holistic approach to health by offering our clients an opportunity to consult with a Nutritionist.

What can our Holistic Nutritionist offer you?

Our Vancouver Holistic Nutritionist can support you with specialized diets such as the Low FODMAP Diet, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Paleo and plant-based diets, as well as identify a nutritional approach that is supportive to your unique needs and conditions – as determined by a doctor.

Changing one’s diet can often be a challenging endeavour. At Vitalia, we support our clients through the struggles to help them achieve their dietary goals with ease.

Work with a nutritionist who supports who you are, your tastes, your pleasures, and gets you where you want to be.

Jessica Mosiuk

Jessica Mosiuk, R.H.N. Jessica was inspired to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist after her own experiences with chronic digestive issues.  After years of medical visits and inconclusive tests, she finally discovered the root cause: her diet. From there, she delved into the world of holistic nutrition and found her passion in helping others thrive through food. Her simple and sustainable approach to nutrition and wellness will guide you back to you optimal health.

How to Indulge in Summer Treats Without Compromising Your Digestion

Jessica Mosiuk

Jessica Mosiuk, R.H.N.

A lot of us look forward to summertime meals and treats when the nights get shorter and the days get longer. There are the barbeques on the beach, fish and chips at the pier and ice cream at the park. Not to mention all the deep-fried unmentionables at the PNE and weekly food truck festivals all over the city! While a little indulgence now and then is good for the soul, it can play havoc with our digestive system if we aren’t a little mindful.

Here are some tips on how to keep your digestive system happy so you can enjoy summer’s delights now and then:

  1. nutrition dietary

    1. Increase your acid intake before a big meal

    Acidity in the stomach is essential for breaking down heavy foods, particularly meats. So if you’re enjoying a summer barbeque of steaks and sausages – and any other meat for that matter, be sure to prepare your stomach with a little extra acid. You can drink a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar in a cup of water five minutes before your meal, or you can pair your meal with a garden salad that’s been dressed with lots of fresh, lemon juice that will help to digest the meats with ease.

  2. 2. Practice intermittent fasting

    If you enjoy an ice cream or fish & chips that leaves your belly feeling unwell (gas, indigestion, heartburn, irritable bowel, constipation), sometimes giving your digestive tract a break will give it the rest it needs to bounce back! The morning after a dairy-rich or deep-fried food, go on a short fast until at least noon to give your body time to clean up the digestive tract before introducing it to more food to break down.

  3. 3. Enjoy fruit on an empty stomach

    One of the best things about summer is the abundance of fruit that’s in season! I HIGHLY recommend indulging in all the delightful fruit that’s already available (cherries, strawberries, raspberries, and soon there will be peaches, blueberries and blackberries, too!) Fruit is high in fibre and a great source of antioxidants, enzymes and other powerful phytonutrients. However, try to enjoy fruit on an empty stomach. Fruit only takes 30 minutes to go through our stomach, so when combined with heavier foods that take much longer to digest like proteins (cheese, meats, eggs) and complex carbs (bread, pasta, baked goods, potatoes) what can result is indigestion, leaky gut and the development of gut bacteria and yeast that can lead to much greater distress for the body. The best time to enjoy fruit is in the morning on an empty stomach, and waiting at least 30 minutes before eating again.

As always, don’t forget to enjoy every bite and chew REALLY well. Chewing sets your digestive tract up for success because digestion begins in the mouth: teeth mechanically break down food and saliva chemically breaks it down, too, and triggers the stomach to get ready to work. So give your food the time it deserves.

What’s more is that the health of the entire body is impacted by the healthy of the digestive tract. The digestive system is one long tube that is actually EXTERNAL to our body. Therefore, it’s no wonder that this is where 80 to 90 % of our immunity resides! Having strong digestion supports the health of all body systems, including the endocrine, circulatory, nervous, muscular and reproductive systems. If you’re curious about how good digestion and proper nutrition can affect your skin, hormone, reproductive, muscular, or circulatory conditions, book a discovery call with me as I’d be happy to share some ideas on how we can work together to set you up for long-term, whole body success.

Happy summer, everyone!

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