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Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy to Relieve Back Pain

Vitalia is pleased to offer Bowen Therapy as one of many treatment options. This therapeutic approach emphasizes the natural connections between the brain and the body to stop pain patterns. Life in the 21st century is endlessly stressful, causing individuals to constantly exist in a Fight or Flight mode. This can have drastically negative effects on one’s overall health. Bowen sessions focus on undoing the damage this stress can cause. Sessions last less than an hour, and we find that between 3 and 5 sessions can help return the body to a resting, pain-free, stable state. Common concerns treated with Bowen Therapy include muscle and joint pain, particularly back and knee pain, as well as other issues like infertility, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more.

Effective in treating:

Seasonal Allergies and Respiratory Conditions:

Musculo-Skeletal Conditions:

Digestive Conditions:

Fertility, Pregnancy, and Hormonal Conditions:

Stress and Anxiety Conditions:

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