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Our Fee Schedule 2017

Service Approx. Time Fee
Holistic Nutrition Consultation Fees
Initial Naturopathic Consultation 60 minutes  $175.00
Return Naturopathic Consultation 30 minutes  $85.00
Brief Naturopathic Consultation 15 minutes  $45.00
Initial Consultation Autism/ADHD  75 minutes  $200.00
Initial Consultation Autism/ADHD with Nutrition Consultation 135 minutes $300.00
Initial Acupuncture/Bowen Therapy 60 minutes  $135.00
Return Acupuncture/Bowen Therapy 45 minutes  $90.00
Prolotherapy   30-60 minutes  $160.00 and up
PRP Prolotherapy 60 minutes  $450.00
PRP Facial 60 minutes  $600.00
PRP Hair 60 minutes  $725.00
PRP Single area 60 minutes  $350.00
IV Vitamin and Mineral Therapy 45-60 minutes  $95.00 and up
IV Glutathione 15 minutes  $90.00 and up

  Naturopathic services are not subsidized by BC Medical Services Plan.  Many private insurance companies
  (extended health insurance coverage) now provide at least partial coverage of naturopathic services.
  Please contact your individual provider to confirm what is covered. 

  Although in-person consultations are preferred, phone consultations may be booked in certain circumstances.
  Phone consultations will be charged with the appropriate fee based on the type of appointment booked.
  Fees will be collected prior to the phone consultation.

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